The story behind my profile picture.

everyday profile picHeya,

Noticed my hand drawn logo on my profile pic?

I know it’s not perfect and I could have used my PC to design something more “professional” but this blog is not about perfection, it’s about showing that we can be great and unique by just being ourselves. (So expect some spelling and grammatical errors from time to time).

I’m definately no artist but I love doodling and the feel of a pen when it dances across a page, left to right slowly making its mark. It’s sort of therapeutic and helps me day dream and reminds me of my school days. So while doodling around and conjuring up this blog I came up with this logo. It’s personal, it’s mine and it’s NOT perfect.

It’s supposed to symbolize you and me. We can not be flawless, made by others or copied. We are unique, perfect in an imperfect way, we create our own happiness and we are the canvas to the beautiful drawings in our lives.

During the coming weeks we will showcase everyday South Africans, telling their story. It could just be you!



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