Kiron Diamond #HireKiron

For my very first Everyday People feature I had the great pleasure of interviewing Kiron Diamond. I came across a Facebook post which his beautiful wife shared. It was a video of Kiron expressing his passion for Adidas and wanting to work there. The video post had an intriguing hashtag #HireKiron…

Once I clicked on it, it blew me away. The video is catchy, impactful and filled with Kiron’s enthusiasm.

Kiron explains his admiration for the adidas brand but equally admires the company’s vision to make the world a better place through sport. He openly talks about how it’s his dream to work for them one day soon. This is what prompted him to make the video with the hope that someone high up within adidas would take note of his passion and offer him an opportunity to be part of their incredible organisation.

After watching the video I knew I wanted to feature him in my blog. I made contact and he was equally excited to work with me. We had deep personal conversations about challenges and hardships he has faced his life, and how he came out the other end of it stronger and more positive with the help of martial arts, which gave him a strong body, mind and spirit, driven by a heart filled with un-extinguishable perseverance. “Sometimes in life unfair things happen to you despite all of the good you do, and you can either see yourself as a victim of violent crime and grow bitter, or you can step up and choose to grow stronger and see yourself as a survivor rather.”

I asked Kiron a number of questions and got a feel of who he is. Kiron is 30 years old and has been with Edyta for 11 years and married for  four years. He grew up in Pretoria and relocated to Johannesburg to be closer to work. Kiron is a big supporter of animal welfare causes,  so much so that Kiron and his wife have 4 rescued dogs that they have taken into their home.

kiron dogs

I was curious to understand where Kiron works, as  you will see in the video, his current employer has really good things to say and support his quest to get a job at adidas.

My thoughts were that they either really want to get rid of him or it’s a truly incredible organisation that supports their employees and would help them realise their dreams even if it means losing them to another company. I knew then he must work for an awesome company and I was right.

Kiron is a Strategic Project Manager at a company called Missing Link. The company solves a range of problems for SA’s top corporate clients. He manages presentations and video projects and he does this well as it’s evident in the #HireKiron video. How he landed his current job position is equally as interesting: “I showed up one day un-announced at Missing Link, equipped with a CV and a rap song I wrote and recorded a song called ‘Gimme one chance,’ and said, hey I’m here for an interview.” “With who?” I was asked. I responded with, ” Anybody who will listen.”  “They listened and were blown away, and here I am.”

He says “Where I work is no normal place. The owner of the business is Rich Mulholland, and he is a Scottish, tattooed, loud, motorcycle riding world famous public speaker and businessman, he is a really stand-up,super intelligent and great guy”.

When Kiron mentioned to Rich his idea about the video and his passion to work for adidas Head Quarters in Germany, Rich was fully supportive and asked what position it is for, Kiron being the adidas fanatic he is ,retorted in a heartbeat “I will mow lawns and clean toilets if I have to, but I think I am good at other stuff too”. They laughed about it and high-fived, and that was that.

Kiron with the help of his work colleagues Tyrone and Coenie brainstormed, planned and executed the video. Like his video says he wanted to think outside the box because you can’t put him in a box. His vibrant personality is aptly reflected in the video.

Kiron was definitely on to something when he thought about doing this video.

It shows that in life if you really want something you got to go out there and get it. A lot of people wait for the right moment or for something to become available, NOT Kiron. He knows what he wants and is willing to do whatever it takes to get it. Let us show the world how great South Africans are and how we can use social media to make our dreams come true.

 Click here to watch the #hirekiron video

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We’re keen to do a follow up post to see how Kiron’s journey pans out. From an outsiders perspective, adidas should snap him up before somebody else does, you can’t buy passion and this sort of thinking.


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