Cotton On – summer range 

We visited the Menlyn Mall in Pretoria recently after almost a year, we tend to shop more at Mall of Africa these days.

I was really impressed with the extensions, the mall is much larger now and have introduced some new designer stores and upsized some of the existing ones.

We wanted to see if we could get some school shopping done before the madness and one of the items on my list was swimming costumes for my little girls, they’ve grown so much from last summer and they looked ridiculous when I tried to squeeze them into their old costumes.

I was told about the great swimming costume range at Cotton On. After navigating my way to their kids department I was greeted by an impressive range of kids clothing that even had be excited, having two daughters, my life somehow revolves around all things sparkly and cute.





After being distracted by everything else, I had to get back to the mission at hand, the swimming costumes. I was chuffed with the cute designs and practical options and particularly liked the UPF 50 protection their costumes provide so they can be safe when spending hours in the sun. With this range my kids can be stylish whilst being practical and it’s so much nicer than the “Dora the explorer and Barbie” swimsuits.

So if you looking for fashionable swimwear I suggest you stop by Cotton On and check out their range.

I now just need to getting the girls some funky shades to go with their costumes!


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