Thivashnie Reddy – To the T Creations

Every year a few friends of mine have turns to host a Christmas party, it’s our tradition. This year the hostess gifted each family with this beautiful handmade family hanger. We were all thrilled with our gifts. After sharing mine on Facebook, I had a few friends ask for the details of the creator. That is when I was introduced to Thivashnie. I visited her Facebook page To the T Creations and loved her work.


I made contact and chatted to Thivashnie, I was inspired by her passion and love for art. She, like most of us let our talents take a back seat when choosing educational and career paths, Thivashnie was blessed to be able to go back to where her heart belongs.

Thivashnie is a beautiful 37 year old, accountant. She did extremely well academically during her school years. She says “Growing up, I’ve always loved art, having been born in the 80’s, one should know there’s no way a career in the arts meant you were going to succeed. This explains my alternative choice of accounting. Don’t get me wrong, I loved accounting, but was always doing some sort of art. I used to paint/ draw for birthdays, baby showers, school posters etc. .”  She took a break after studying to work at her family bakery. She helped with the day to day running of the business. The novelty cakes was the big seller, when the baker left Thivashnie stepped up and before she knew it, she was making edible roses with fondant, piping in cartoon characters and writing with melted chocolate. Their novelty cakes became way more popular than ever before, but like most businesses this one got difficult to sustain. With the rise of other bakeries and economical challenges, they eventually sold the business.

“I resorted to seeking employment and a customer was kind enough to send in my CV to Sun International: Sibaya Casino. My 1st interview at age 25, was successful. I had secured my 1st official job as a Box Office: ticket agent (and yes, with a degree).” says Thivashnie. She knew getting her foot through the door was an important step, she worked hard, traveled late nights and sadly occasionally missed church. It took her just a year before being promoted, she applied for a position within the admin department and was successful. She was 1 step closer to getting into her field of study. She knew her end game and focused on it!
Thivashnie says with pride “Within another 4-5 months, a vacancy within the Finance department opened up and (through God’s favor, no doubt) had me move up another rung on that corporate ladder. I worked for a short period as a Cashbook & payments clerk & thereafter took up an Assistant Accountant’s position for the remaining 8 years.”
Her creativity bug itched and Thivashnie found herself still trying to find that missing piece. After 10 years she handed in her resignation to focus on her passion.
“My leap of faith into the world of entrepreneurs, was more like a stumble, followed by some tripping over and then…flat lining!” she smiles. “Soon, word got around and I was taking orders for art on canvas, mainly for kiddies’ rooms.” Business was good but not good enough to sustain her previous income. She then was introduced to insurance brokerage by a dear friend. He mentored and trained her while she grew her business on the side.   While doing this she took on another challenge, she started teaching preschool kids basic computer skills, for 1 hour a day, at 2 separate preschools per week.
2017 was a great year for To the T Creations . Orders began to pick up, my work was being shared by clients and the power of word of mouth and social media worked in her favour. Requests quickly came in and her page grew tremendously.  She now couriers her work all over the country and is talks with other business owners who want to resell her work.
“Adding color and joy, through my work, to your happy place! All of my work is hand painted, personalized and made to order.” says Thivashnie proudly. She adds ” I’ve come to realize that nothing worth true value can be easily attained. It takes a lot of work, sacrifice and commitment. I’ve also learned that sometimes the thing that scares us the most is leaving our comfort zones.”
She ends her beautiful and inspirational story with us by telling us the meaning behind her business name.
“My business name “To The T Creations” was inspired by the Holy Trinity as I believe that my heavenly Father, The Son & The Holy Spirit guide, lead and inspire me daily.
The thing that pleases me most, is knowing that the work of my hands (a God given talent) brings a smile to someone’s face, brightens up their day/room/home and is uniquely made to their personal likes/preference. Jeremiah 29v 11 has and will continue to be my favorite scripture. “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans for a hope and a future” “
I feel so privileged to feature this amazing woman on my blog and have a piece of her work on my wall. To The T Creations wants you to have one too. She is giving away one family hanger to one of my lucky readers.

All you have to do is

1. Like To The T Creations Facebook page

2. Share and comment on any competiton post what names you will have on your family hanger.

3. Comment below the names you will add to your hanger.

Competition posts will be on following accounts.

 Everyday-People blog – Facebook

 Everyday-People Blog – Instagram

Everyday people – Twitter @everydaypplblog 

Good luck!

Winner will be choosen 31st January 2018.

(NB only for South Africa)


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