Sportmans Warehouse – foot analysis 

So I have been running for about a year now. Nothing hectic more like jogging. I road run for about 4kms , 2-3 times a week. I was never someone who enjoyed cardio machines at the gym but when I took to the road last year it made me feel great and motivated me to keep going. It’s funny how I can run for over 30 minutes on the road but struggle with 5 minutes on a treadmill. I think the feeling of the fresh air and the beautiful scenery is definitely the inspiration.

So this year on my Christmas wish list was a new pair of running shoes.

Initially I was scouting around various websites and sale brochures looking for good deals on running shoes, after doing some homework, I found out that Sportsmans Warehouse did a foot analysis which helped recommend the right type of running shoe for your running style and foot type and having the right type of shoe is important to avoid problems later on, similar to golfers having a swing analysis before choosing the right golf clubs.

Off I went to the Centurion branch. I was greeted by an overwhelming range of running shoes.

Luckily a friendly sales lady was all to eager to assist. I enquired about the analysis and she took me to the specialized treadmill. I got on and did a quick run.

After they analyzed the video results, it showed that I have a mild pronation and my feet rolls slightly inward when I run. The graphic below show the other types of foot landings when running.

I was then assessed on the distance and frequency of my runs and was advised to choose a pair of running shoes from the stability range which offered me the motion control with additional support and cushioning to counter my pronation foot type.

I tried on a few pairs across various brands and then settled on this beautiful pair of Nike running shoes.

I put these babies to the test and I am loving it. Definitely a difference to my previous running shoes. I feel the support on the inner arch of my feet when my feet hit the ground. It’s really comfortable and is motivating me to run longer and faster these days.

I also took them on my recent holiday to Knysna it doubled perfectly as a running shoe and trendy footwear.

So if you’re new to running and being fit is part of your New Years resolution, I suggest you pop by Sportsmans Warehouse and get the analysis done.

Hubby is happy I did it, I’m not asking him for so many foot massages these days 😉.


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