The Journey to Knysna – Part 1

I finally got down to writing about our December holiday after being consumed with back to school, Januworry stresses and the month of love.

Late last year, we decided against the traditional Durban holiday and wanted to explore our country a bit with a road trip to the beautiful town of Knysna. With 2 young kids, we had to really prepare for this long journey both mentally and emotionally. It was the first time they would be couped up in a car for so many hours.

We broke up our journey in 2 parts and drove for 6 hours from Johannesburg to Colesberg and on day 2 from Colesberg to Knysna.

For most parts it was a scenic drive apart from the dry landscape and rivers that we came across. It was sad to see dried up rivers, streams and dams, evidence of the drought that parts of South Africa is currently facing. We stopped at Gariep Dam which is along South Africa’s longest river, the Orange River. The drop in water levels was very noticeable. In the pictures below you will see where the water levels used to sit and in second picture on the left we came across a beached boat as the water subsided.

Soon after our stop we arrived in the very small town of Colesburg. We stayed at Coniston Guest House,  which was built 1835. Coniston House was the venue for a meeting between President Paul Kruger of the Transvaal Republic and the British Government in 1894. It was also used as a hospital by the Boer forces during their occupation of the district during the Anglo-Boer War. We got to experience a little piece of history although the kids needed some time to adjust to the antique setting (fortunately they had Wi-Fi) There’s really not much to do in Colesberg except to get some rest for the morning drive ahead.

The next morning we had breakfast at Wimpy in Graaff Reinet and set off for the rest of our 6 hour journey to Knysna.



We came across amazing architecture and landscapes and made frequent stops along the way to stretch our legs and appreciate the views.

Finally after travelling for 2 days we arrived at Knysna River Club. Our home for a whole week. The kids were great, no motion sickness and kept themselves busy with their gadgets and movies along the way.

Stay tuned for part 2 where I tell you what went down in Knysna…


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