My Sky Dining Experience

A few Saturday’s ago my husband and I had the pleasure of enjoying a very exciting and unusual dinner in the sky experience. The venue for our venture was the Higher Ground Restaurant on the fields of St. Stithians College in Bryanston. The open grounds provided the perfect location to enjoy the scenic backdrop of the Sandton surrounds.

Our dinner was set for 17:30, we arrived a bit early and got to see the previous diners who were enjoying their snack experience still aloft.

That’s about when my nerves started to set in. Although we planned this dinner weeks in advance,you never really know what to expect until you arrive at the venue and get to marvel at this man made structure being lifted almost 50m up in the air by a crane.

As the previous group descended, it was our turn to get into our seats and buckle up. We were greeted by a hostess and listened to a safety clip before lift off. Learning that the structure was approved by strict German safety standards and was TUV certified helped to calm some of my fears. As we prepared for “lift off”, I found myself holding tightly onto the table for some added sense of security. In a matter of seconds we were up in the sky and in awe of the magnificent view. After a few deeps breaths, I slowly started to warm up to the idea of being so high up.

For starters, we were treated to a tantalizing Smoked Salmon Stacker. As we tucked in, we got to admire the magnificent Sandton skyline and high rise buildings. The table rotated 360 degrees so everyone got a chance to enjoy the view from different angles.

Once we were done with our starters, we were brought back down for the waiters to clear our tables and present the mains and desert before being lifted up again. This time going up was much easier and I felt like a pro taking selfies and capturing the awesome views.

Our mains was a delicious Pepper Crusted Fillet with a frozen Cheese Cake for dessert. I normally stay away from sugar and carbs but that Cheese Cake looked too yummy to resist. There goes my diet, I know I’m going to spend the next few days trying to gym it off, but it was so worth it…

As the sun slowly started to set, the ambiance was almost magical. Our mood changed from being very excited and nervous to a sense of serenity. I took in the moment of being so high up and got lost in my thoughts about our picturesque country while sipping on my glass of wine. As the sun went down, the music got a bit louder, I found myself singing along and even got a bit adventurous with the reclining seats. The lit skyline was a spectacular sight and it was definitely a night to remember. I’m now ready to go from Sky Dining to Sky Diving!!!

If you’re celebrating any occasion, this is a perfect gift for a loved one. It could also be great for a corporate event or even for hosting a party with friends. The table seats 22 people and you could choose between a breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner experience.

Check out Sky Events and Celestial Gifts for more information and for booking options.






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